Karwa chauth stories

Karwa Chauth Festival Stories

Karwa Chauth is a historic festival of India. There are so many mythological stories associated to Karwa Chauth, which mark its origin quite old.

The Story Of Veervati

Veervati was a daughter of Vedsharma & Leelavati and loving sister of 7 brothers.

On her first Karwa Chauth, she went to her parents’ home. Just after sunrise, she observed fast. By evening Veervati started feeling sick. Her brothers asked her to have food but Veervati denied saying that moon is not appeared and she would have food after watching moon. Her brothers couldn’t see her hardship and decided to feed her.

Her brothers went to nearby hills and lit fire. Showing the light on the sky, they asked Veervati to break her fast and have food. Innocent Veervati saw the fake moon and started having food. Meanwhile, she heard that her husband was seriously ill.

Veervati story - Karwachauth

Veervati rushed to see her husband. On the way, she met with Lord Shiva and her wife Maa Gauri (Goddess Parvati). Maa Gauri told her that her husband was ill because she ended her fast by watching fake moon. Veervati requested Maa Gauri to forgive her. Maa Gauri asked her to take care of her husband for one year and next year observe Karwa Chauth fast as per custom, then only her husband could regain his health.

Veervati took care of her husband with full devotion and next year, she strictly followed all rituals on Karwa Chauth. Her husband got well and both of them remained happily ever after.

The Story Of Savitri and Satyavan

As per the great epic Mahabharata, Savitri was a religious lady, devoted to her husband Satyavan. Satyavan was cursed that he would die after a year of his wedding. After a year, Yama (Lord of death) came to earth for taking back the soul of her husband to Yamlok. Savitri started following Yama. Yama asked her to step back. Savitri denied saying that she was fully devoted to her husband and she wont stay alone on earth without her husband.

Yama and Savitri - Karwachauth story

Yama, impressed by her devotion, asked Savitri for granting five boons except her husband’s life. Savitri asked for eyesight of her blind father-in-law Dyumatsena, restoration of their lost kingdom, health and wealth for the family, 100 brothers and 100 sons.

Yama granted her all boons. Happy Savitri asked Yama, for having sons, he would have to return her husband back. Yama understood the strong will of Savitri. He gave Satyavan’s life back. This way, Savitri could snatch the life of her husband from the hands of Yamraj.

The Story Of Draupadi

As mentioned in Mahabharata, Once Arjuna went to Neelgiri mountain for a penance.

In the absence of Arjuna, Draupadi and the other four Pandavas started facing lot of problems. Finding herself in problematic situation, Draupadi remembered Lord Krishna. Krishna appeared before her. Draupadi asked for his help and guidance.

Draupadi and Krishna - Mahabharat - Karwachauth story

Krishna replied, Once Parvati ji too asked the same question to lord Shiva and he answered that the fast of Karwa Chauth can effectively remove all the problems that come in marital relationship. It also brings a balance in Pitta.

Draupadi followed Krishna’s advice and observed the fast with all the rituals and soon all their problems came to an end.

The Story Of Karwa

Karwa was a religious and spiritual married lady. She was fully devoted to her husband. Once her husband was taking bath in a river and suddenly caught by a crocodile. He asked Karwa for help. Karwa was spinning yarn. Listening his sore voice, she rushed to the river with yarn in her hand. Seeing the terrible sight, Karwa immediately tied the crocodile with yarn.

Sitting on the river bank, she started praying for Yama (The God of Death). Yama appeared before her. Karwa requested Yama to send crocodile to hell immediately so that she could save the life of her husband. Yama refused her request saying that crocodile has a long life remaining, I can not send him to hell before completing his life-span.

When Yama refused, Karwa warned him that she would curse Yama if he wont save her husband’s life. Knowing the spiritual divine powers of the faithful lady, Yama agreed and sent crocodile to hell. Hence, the love and devotion of the pious Karwa saved her husband’s life.

On Karwa chauth, married ladies remember the devotion of these women and observe fast for the long lives of their husbands.

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