Five Sacred Places Where Goddess Laxmi Resides

Goddess Laxmi is known to be the goddess of wealth and prosperity. In Indian scriptures, we find five places where Goddess Laxmi resides.

Pearl is formed inside the shell, known as the mother of pearl. There are certain other areas also where pearl is formed like inside the bamboo. But the most precious one is formed in the forehead of the elephant, in the two raised portions of the head on either side, where there could have been the horns. This part is known as Gaja Kumbham. That front top of the head has another divine specialty.  It is also known to be the abode of Maha Laxmi. She has five places like that. Such as:

* The inner part of the lotus flower

* The elephant’s forehead.

Laxmi residence Lotus elephant

* The reverse part of Bilva leaf

Laxmi residence on Bilva leaf

* The center line of a sumagali lady’s parting of the hair at the top

* The back side of a cow

Laxmi residence on back of a cow

Laxmi residence on back of a cow

So, these five places are very preciously sacred.

Reference: http://natarajank.com/2013/02/28/message-for-the-day-5-sacred-places-where-maha-lakshmi-lives

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