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How Is Human Evolution Related To Vishnu

I believe that ancient Vedas/Scriptures was to explain science in a way that everyone understands.

If we closely look at the Evolution of Earth, we shall come to know that the evolution process that is scientifically proven, was explained by the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu known as (Dashavatara). These ten avataras bear a strange similarity to the Theory of Evolution.

Lets look at the video. I find it very interesting.

Here is the list of 10 avatara of Vishnu:

Matasya Avatar: Life originated in sea, fish is the first Vertebrates

Kurma: This represents Amphibians, could survive on both and and water

Varaha: Wild land animal – complete transition from water to Land, next milestone in evolution

Narasimha: conceptualization of Homo Sapiens, the next big thing on the part of evolution

Vaman: Short human being, still not complete evolved

Parshuram: Living in Jungles, started Using weapons

Ram: Moving to civil societies, learning to living as community, various skills developed, still not corrupt

Krishna: Society advancement in political field, more complexity added, manipulation, greed

Budha \ Mahavir \ Balram\ Jagannath \ Mohini: On the path of enlightenment, more evolved human being, trying to find answers within

Kalki: Human advanced to the level of self – destruction

Reference: Quora

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