yamraj and nchiketa

Secret Of Death

I am always curious to know what are the secrets of death. Humans still don’t know what happens after life ends. Even science doesn’t has the answer.

In all religions, it is believed that life and death are in the hands of god. Whoever has taken birth will die one day. Death is the truth of life and no one can neglect this fact.

In Indian ancient scripture Kathopanishada, a conversation between Yamraj (The lord of death) and Nachiketa, a teen aged boy is mentioned.

Nachiketa went to meet Yamraj and asked him to grant three wishes:
1. In his first wish, he asked for his father’s love.
2. Second wish was to know everything about agni vidya (Knowledge of fire).
3. Third wish was about death and aatmagyan (The wisdom of soul).

Yamraj fulfilled his first two wishes but it was difficult for him to reveal the secret of death.

Here is the summary which Yamraj told Nachiketa:
1. Om is the swaroop (self-image) of Paramatma (God).
2. The heart of a human is the place where Brahma resides. Read here a beautiful story describing the residence of divinity.
3. Soul and body are separate entities. After the death of a human body, the soul does not die. The soul has nothing to do with body’s destruction. It neither does born nor dies. It is immortal.
4. After the death, a person finishes the cycle of birth and death. This state of the soul is known as Brahma roop.
5. Those people who believe that souls can be killed or they can kill someone are themselves lost. Yamraj said that souls neither die nor do they kill anybody.
6. Those who dont believe in Karma or don’t believe in God, their souls keep looking for peace.

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