Radha and krishna - two bodies and one soul

Extremity Of Love Between Radha And Krishna

The love of Radha and Krishna is the legend. We have so many tales depicting their true love. This is an interesting story portaying the eternal love of Radha and Krishna.

Radha was not married to Lord Krishna. Krishna’s wives used to be impatient seeing immense love of Krishna for Radha.

Out of jealousy, they played a prank against Radha. They offered Radha a bowl of burning hot milk saying that Krishna had sent it for her. Radha gladly drank the hot milk without bothering that it would burn her mouth.

When the wives returned to Krishna, they found that Krishna was suffering from severe pain in his mouth. Hot milk couldn’t affect Radha because Krishna took all the pain and suffering from Radha upon himself. Krishna’s wives came to know that Radha resides in every pore of Krishna.

Radha and Krishna are believed to be one soul dwelling into two bodies. This story illustrates how intensely Radha and Krishna are absorbed in each other. This is the state when the individual spirit realizes its union with the Supreme where the Supreme is Krishna, this realization is Radha Bhav (Compassion for Radha). It is the paramount of any form of love. Radha Bhav is the state where it is impossible to determine who is Radha and who is Krishna.

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