Shiva - Neelkanth

Why Lord Shiva Is Called Neelkanth

Lord Shiva is the supreme God among five important deities of Hindu religion. He is therefore also termed as ‘Mahadev’. People address him by hundreds of names and ‘Neelkanth’ is one of them.

Let us know why Lord Shiva is also called ‘Neelkanth’.


According to the religious scriptures, during churning of the milky ocean, the poison also came out of the ocean which terrified the Gods and Demons. It was so toxic that it might have destroyed all of creation. Lord Shiva then came to rescue and swallowed the poison and held it in his throat. Lord Shiva therefore became Neelkanth = Neel + Kanth (Blue throat).

The swallowing of poison could have burn the throat but keeping the Moon and the Ganges in the lock of hair soothed Lord Shiva.


The blue color symbolizes the negative thoughts.

The moon represents the cool mind and the Ganges represents the continuous flow of positive thought.

This incident teaches that one should keep a good control over his speech which comes out of the throat. Hence, use your wisdom and knowledge carefully to control your thoughts and speech.

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